Wednesday, January 12, 2011

let me give you the nickel tour.

There have been a few questions about what this blog is.

It is:
  • all true, with some story editing for flow and readability. That includes the bit with the "Taco Bell" patient...that one seems popular with you guys.
  • complete with all names and some genders changed to protect the employed.
  • a way for me to vent, on behalf of all nurses who wish they could share the amazing, dismaying things they see, hear and have to do.
  • if you wish, a place for you to vent as well. I don't have the market cornered on the insanity that is nursing. (As a matter of fact, I have a new entry I'm working on editing for "Haldol, NP"---an advanced practice mental health nurse who last year began his work in the private sector).
  • A display acknowledging how much we know and give in the course of providing care. I don't care what my mom says, I don't get paid well enough. And neither do you. 
  • not intentionally a forum to mock anyone. It just works out that way sometimes. Okay, frequently.
  • me trying to wrap my head around why we do what we do; not only within the profession, but within American health care.

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