Friday, December 10, 2010

chip shot, charlie!

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"Shortly after Kent Schaible died of bacterial pneumonia at his family's Northeast Philadelphia home in January 2009, a city social worker and a nurse visited to check on the well-being of his five siblings.

During that visit, Kenneth Dixon, of the Department of Human Services, asked Herbert Schaible if he had sought medical treatment for his 2-year-old son, Dixon said.

'He said that him and his wife were faithful to their religion and they believed in God to make their son healthy,' Dixon testified for the prosecution yesterday, the second day of the manslaughter trial of Schaible, 42, and his wife, Catherine, 41.

...The Schaibles are members of the First Century Gospel Church, in Juniata Park, which shuns medicine and doctors in favor of prayer to heal the sick."

I'm sorry for the loss of this child. Also, I've made it a point to not mock religious beliefs that differ from mine, no matter how ridiculous they seem. Lastly, it's not my business to tell anyone how to raise their family or choose their actions. I feel, however, that it's time to point something out.

1. You believe God is the Creator, and responsible for everything.
2. Following this line of thought, he also created bacteria and viruses.
3. But the good news is, Man is what He created in his image, and, if I've got this right, Man is also supposed to be a steward for God's other creations.
4. Maybe hospitals and health care are part of that stewardship.
5. Parenting is definitely part of that stewardship.
6. Unless God was specifically paying attention to your situation and actively rooting for the flora causing your kid's pneumonia, you blew it. God asked you to do one thing, and you actively fucked it up.

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  1. You Knew it's going to be me. Here goes!
    1. In the eyes of God bacteria and humans have equal standing.
    b. It's probably just as well he has been eliminated from the gene pool. I too have no respect for Churches. I make a distinction between religion and churches. Churches result in dead children.
    III. Our scrabbling about on this rock does not imply stewardship any more than grazing sheep are stewards of their field. If we finish the grass and can no longer graze, we go extinct. Bye!